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Associations & Nonprofits and Their Directors and Officers at Risk

Association Events at Risk

Webinars: Watch Now

Business Insurance: What's in Your Package (68 minutes)

D&O Coverage: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly Risks and Claims (60 minutes)

Event Cancellation Insurance: Don't Let Mother Nature Steal Your Thunder - or Your Revenue (55 minutes)

Cyber Liability Insurance 101 for Nonprofits

It may be tempting to think that cyber-liability exposure is a problem isolated to the for-profit arena, but cyberattacks are not just a risk for large for-profits. Download this article that outlines some of the cyber insurance basics you need to know.

Nonprofits: Three Things to Watch

While cyber is grabbing a lot of headlines, it’s not the only evolving exposure affecting nonprofits. Read about three trends to watch in the nonprofit space in this article published on Independent Agent.

Help Protect Your Association Against the Unexpected

4 Smart Ways to Help Protect Your Association Against the Unexpected - Inside, you’ll find four money-smart insurance solutions designed to help protect your association against the unexpected. Each is available to you now through the ASAE-Endorsed Association Business Insurance Solutions portfolio.

Property and Casualty Information

How to Prevent Employee Theft - In tough economic times, trends indicate a rise in employee theft for nonprofit organizations. Here are some simple steps to help protect your organization, plus three claims examples faced by real nonprofits who were challenged with employee theft. (4 page PDF.)

Risk Management Best Practices - All businesses and associations are exposed to potential liability. Liability exposures are created at the office, and by vendors, exhibitors, service providers, hosted functions, or hired contractors. Use these best practices to mitigate liability and provide a significant degree of protection in the event of a suit.

Exposures Checklist - As an association, many fundamental exposures are inherent to your day to day operations. We have provided a checklist of common insurance coverages that you should have knowledge of as an association executive.

Web Site Security - 7 tips to enhance the security of Web Servers (Web Sites).

Directors’ & Officers’ Information

Antitrust and Employment Practices Liability Exposures - Trade and professional associations face a myriad of risks on a daily basis. Most associations are acutely aware of the risks inherent in owning their buildings and property. However, associations may be surprised to learn that their normal day-to-day activities and interactions with employees may also present them with unintended risks.

Learn more about why nonprofits need Directors' & Officers' Liability coverage.

Learn more about why nonprofits need Fiduciary Liability coverage.

Risks for Nonprofit Associations: Real risks and useful mitigation Techniques in the areas of Board Governance, Human Resources, Financial Operations, Membership, and Event Exposure.

Learn about the Volunteer Protection Act and why you still need Directors' & Officers' Liability Insurance.

Who Sues Nonprofits and Nonprofit Boards and Why? -One of the myths associated with nonprofit D&O exposures is that there are few sources of claims since nonprofits don't have shareholders. Nonprofits serve large and varied constituencies to which their boards owe specific fiduciary duties similar to duties owed by corporate boards. These constituencies are potential plaintiffs in legal actions brought against nonprofit boards.

What Jurors Conclude About Documentation -A recent article from the Maryland Employment Law Letter provides some interesting food for thought for nonprofit employers. The article outlines three unwritten assumptions jurors make about documentation presented to them during trials.

The Employee Handbook – Learn about the many good reasons, both legal and non-legal, to publish a handbook.

The Employment Application – Learn about how an employment application is an information-gathering tool that will assist you in your hiring decisions and how it should contain language that will reduce employment-related liability exposures.

Insurability Checklist - The Checklist consists of lists of questions about association policies, programs or procedures that could carry legal liability risks. The Checklist can be used by an association as an organization management self-evaluation document to help understand and evaluate the potential risks they might face.

Event Cancellation Information

What if Mother Nature Has a Bad Day During Your Big Event? Event cancellation insurance can't predict the weather or prevent a disaster, but it can protect your association from the negative financial fallout. In the 21st Century, anything from terrorism to communicable diseases can potentially plague association events. (PDF.) Reprinted from ASAE & the Center's Dollars & Sense e-newsletter.